Always wanted to pursue a quality MBA education from a world class international institute in the US, Europe or Asia? Think no more. We are BizSchooPrep, a team of MBA admissions consultants whose niche is in advising MBA aspirants for the top tier business schools across the globe.

Your business school education is your pass to a new and rewarding part of your career, so without doubt, you want this experience to be the finest that it could be. You may benefit from the advice of those who have the right experience as well as the knowledge about the MBA admissions process.

But who would that advisor be?

A professional writer who will just work on the language and the structure of the essays with out providing any support to develop the content in an effective way? It is not surprising to know that the pet peeve of admissions committee members across all the top schools is the lack of content in the essays. Far too many applicants waste far too much time to get the language and structure right while overlooking the core objective of the essays - to put your best stories out there in the most effective manner. So who else should help you in your journey towards a world class business education? Someone who claims to have the expert knowledge about the MBA admissions process, tweet about their 'expert' services every hour but also sell $20 'expert' handbooks on 'How to get into this school' or 'Insider secrets of this MBA Admissions'? Ask yourself, what are his/her credentials in evaluating business school applications? Have they really made go/no go decisions on the real applications?

Doesn't it make sense that the best person to advise you would be someone who has an MBA from a top business school and hence, knows what it takes to be amongst the super selective yield, and on top of it, has evaluated actual applications as a part admissions group of his/her respective business school?

What We Do?

We at BizSchooPrep will work on developing a one-on-one relationship with you that will be more of a partnership than a client-consultant relationship. We will work with you to explore your background, develop your strengths, address your concerns and understand your needs to present your candidacy in a way that will force the admissions committee of your target schools to notice you. We will work with you to ensure that your business school application sets you apart from rest of the crowd. Our consultants themselves are MBA graduates who have gone through this process in great details and know what it requires to elevate your MBA application to the next level.

We have helped a lot of MBA applicants reach their business school goals, and we can help you, too. We encourage you to browse through our website and understand our USP and services. Moreover, our process is uniquely designed keeping in mind the requirements of the international applicants as well. In particular, if you are looking for an MBA consultancy service that knows what it takes an international applicant (such as from India, Asia or Europe) to execute a successful application, you have come to the right place. We give you the level playing field by working with you on the best admissions strategies and tactics of the world, without the excessively expensive MBA consultancy fees.

How to reach us? Check out our Contact Us section! 

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