Our 360 degrees Bottom-up Approach
Unlike others, we just don't reword your essays! We follow a 360 degrees bottom-up approach towards MBA Admissions. We line up your strengths with the criteria against which your target schools evaluate your application, and then address the concerns in your profile in the most comprehensive manner by developing a very clean, defined and personal strategy to make your applications stand out. We then move on into the execution stage by building and refining the core components of your applications, covering components such as resume, essays, recommendations, goals, interviews, etc. If required, we also offer advice on what to do if you are waitlisted by your target business school. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts in our dictionary, and that is what, we believe, differentiates a top MBA consultant from a mediocre one.

We do not "low-ball" you!
Our philosophy is that MBA is usually done once in a lifetime and hence, it better be the best program you can get into. Unlike many other consultants who ask their client to target "easier" schools, way below their potential, just to gain an admission that the consultants can advertise as high success rate, we do not select schools for you. You do. We believe that you are the best judge of your potential and your final school selection. While we encourage you to stretch, we also provide our expert perspectives on your school selection to help you select the schools and maximize your chances of success.

Our "A- team" works with you!
Unlike many other consultants, where you may be assigned to one of the assistants of the lead consultant, you will be working with our very best consultants who themselves are MBA from Ivy Leagues and top Business Schools of the world, and have evaluated applications and interviewed candidates towards actual MBA admissions process.

We assign no more than three clients to any consultant during a particular admission round to ensure that you are getting the best focus from our consultants, free of any distraction. Yes, that sometime means we are completely booked out but we'd rather have fewer clients than comprome on our core attribute - Quality. The reason for our success is referral and not some media or marketing.

Our Promise: 24 hr response
Unlike other places, you do not have to run after our consultants. We promise response to our client questions within 24 hrs. Period.
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What Makes us Different?

Our Approach

No "Low Balling"

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